Garmin Collections

  • Fenix

    Garmin Fenix Collection

    Designed for the athlete and adventurer alike, the Garmin Fenix collection displays a range of multisport GPS smartwatches which will help you take your workouts off the beaten track.

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  • Vivomove

    Garmin Vivomove Collection

    A collection of stylish Hybrid Smartwatches with hidden touchscreen displays and real watch hands, the Garmin Vivomove will help you get fashionably fit. Giving you the best of both worlds, this stylish smartwatch will let you swipe though messages, track your heart rate and monitor your wellness with all-day stress tracking.

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  • MARQ

    Garmin MARQ Collection

    Each one championing an active lifestyle, the Garmin MARQ collection is a series of five extraordinary luxury tool watches that focus on the athlete, the outdoor adventurer, the captain, the aviator and the race enthusiast.

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About Garmin

Ever since they first began in 1989, Garmin has pioneered GPS navigation and wireless devices designed for people who want to get the best out of their active lifestyle.

Inspired by their mission to design products that form an essential part of their customer’s lives, they are continuously working to develop technology that will not only promote a healthy lifestyle, but can help even seasoned athletes reach their fitness goals.

Whether you’re using your Garmin to improve your fitness, to track your progress or to keep pace with your most rugged adventure, you can be certain that its compelling design and innovative features will go the distance.

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